Get Your Free iPod Now !


Very simple !

How can these companies give you a free ipod? Marketing companies value having their services viewed; these referral schemes generate traffic to the companies websites, of which a percentage will purchase their product. By clicking on the link, you are a ‘potential’ customer to the company.

This doesn’t mean you will be paying for or buying anything, but to the companies, it is a bonus that you are looking at their products – and might compulsively make a purchase.

This is the reason why companies that run the referral schemes can afford to give away free products to you, everytime you sign up to one of their offers they receive a small amount of commission from the company whos product you are trialing (even if it doesn’t cost you a thing), multiply this by the 10 referrals you go on to get and the referral company have a enough money to buy you a gift!

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